What to Expect from Mantra Mental Health 

  • Your first 1-2 sessions will consist of a diagnostic assessment which involves discussion of symptoms, family and social history, goals for therapy, and medical background.

  • Sessions typically run between 45-55 minutes. Your therapist will keep track of time but please note that sessions between 55-120 minutes must be agreed upon when scheduling the appointment. Sessions over 60 minutes may require additional fees which will likely not be covered by your insurance.

  • Services may be terminated for the following reasons:

    • Verbal or physical threats towards staff or other individuals in the building.

    • Non-compliance with treatment or extended periods without involvement in services.

    • Three or more missed appointments without one business day notice.

    • You have not paid your fees as expected 3 or more times or after 3 or more discussions about the concerns.

  • Therapy is a team effort. We will work together to develop goals and needs for treatment. Please note that it may take time to prepare for specific types of therapy including EMDR and general trauma treatment depending on symptoms, safety concerns, window of tolerance for stress, and general level of functioning.

  • Treatment is confidential except for these instances:

    • You threaten to harm yourself or someone else.

    • If you disclose known abuse or neglect of a dependent (abuse of a child, disabled individual, or elder).

    • If you are a minor and there is information that is needed to share with your caregiver to keep you safe and healthy.

    • Your insurance provider may request information to complete an insurance claim.

    • For in-person sessions, health officials may request information about dates or times you have been in the office for COVID-19/contact tracing purposes.

    • The unlikely event that a court of law files a subpoena to acquire your health records.

What Mantra Mental Health Asks of You

  • Attend scheduled appointments as discussed. Log into the virtual portal or answer the phone at appointment time for telehealth sessions.

  • Give a minimum of 24-hours notice when unable to attend a scheduled appointment. You can call the office number, email, or reschedule through the client portal.

  • Failure to cancel within the above guidelines will result in a $35 cancellation fee. Please discuss if there are special circumstances to your situation with your therapist. Frequent missed appointments or and cancellations prevents others who need support from being seen.

  • Pay invoices for services at time of invoice.

  • Inform therapist of any changes in contact information and emergency contact information.

  • If you are unsure about the details of your insurance copay or deductible, it is a good idea to check with them before your first appointment so you do not have any unexpected fees.

  • Fees vary with different insurances and are set by the insurance companies.

  • Inform your therapist prior to the first session if you are seeking therapy based on a court order.

  • Know that requests for letters such as those for emotional support animals or gender affirming medical care have specific requirements and ethical limitations. Please discuss this with your therapist if this is a primary goal of yours.

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