EMDR Consultation

Sam is currently an EMDR consultant in training through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness. This means that she is working directly with a certified EMDR consultant to ensure quality, ethical delivery and development of consulting skills. This also means that Sam charges less per consultation hour than a fully certified consultant. 

"In pursuing EMDRIA Certification, you are able to complete 15 of your 20 hours with a consultant-in-training. In the Institute for Creative Mindfulness training model, we allow you to complete all 10 of your consultation hours for your Certificate of EMDR Therapy Training with one of our consultants in training. Please make sure to submit documentation of your 10 hours to your Part II trainer to receive your Certificate of Training in EMDR Therapy." (https://www.instituteforcreativemindfulness.com/consultation/)


  • $55/2 hour group EMDR Consultation (limit 8 participants)*

  • $50/hour for individual EMDR Consultation*

Reduced fees for LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPoC clinicians. Please contact Sam for more information.

*These rates will likely rise when Sam reaches full consultant status.

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