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Note: We know there is a lot of added stress and concern with COVID-19 and the quarantine.  We are here to help! We are still open and accepting new clients!  Give us a call or shoot us an email to talk about remote options including video and phone conferencing as options for therapy from the safety of your home. If lost wages due to inability to work at this time is a concern, we can discuss a payment plan option. Please see the Resources tab of the website for resources to help get you through this difficult time.

Email: sbergstein@mantramentalhealthllc.com Tel: (614) 984-4394

Nurture and Heal

Your Emotional and Mental 

Are you or a loved one struggling with anxiety, depression, past traumas, or other mental health issues? You deserve to live a happier, healthier life. We are here to help.
and culturally aware services centrally located in Clintonville, Columbus, Ohio.
Columbus, OH 43214
Email: sbergstein@mantramentalhealthllc.com Tel: (614) 984-4394


Have you been struggling with depression, anxiety, or difficulty moving forward from past experiences?  Are you looking for someone who will accept you as your are and help you find a way to move forward?  If so, together, we can explore the things that are keeping you "stuck" and find skills that can help you live a more balanced life.  From straight-forward problem-solving techniques to holistic interventions, I'm confident that we will help you find the skills that will work best for you.  From there, if you wish to do so, we can work through processing difficult past experiences.  

I am trained in EMDR therapy, mindfulness practices, CBT, distress tolerance, and multisystemic, holistic methods.  This means that I can help you reach your mental health goals by building skills and helping to heal wounds from negative past experiences by finding solutions and engaging your rational mind, emotional responses, and physical reactions to these memories.

Columbus, OH 43214
Email: sbergstein@mantramentalhealthllc.com Tel: (614) 984-4394

Sam Bergstein (she/her/hers) LISW, MSW